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The Optimization of Dispersion and Application Techniques for Nanocarbon-Doped Mixed Matrix Gas Separation Membranes

  • In this work, supported cellulose acetate (CA) mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) were prepared and studied concerning their gas separation behaviors. The dispersion of carbon nanotube fillers were studied as a factor of polymer and filler concentrations using the mixing methods of the rotor–stator system (RS) and the three-roll-mill system (TRM). Compared to the dispersion quality achieved by RS, samples prepared using the TRM seem to have slightly bigger, but fewer and more homogenously distributed, agglomerates. The green γ-butyrolactone (GBL) was chosen as a polyimide (PI) polymer-solvent, whereas diacetone alcohol (DAA) was used for preparing the CA solutions. The coating of the thin CA separation layer was applied using a spin coater. For coating on the PP carriers, a short parameter study was conducted regarding the plasma treatment to affect the wettability, the coating speed, and the volume of dispersion that was applied to the carrier. As predicted by the parameter study, the amount of dispersion that remained on the carriers decreased with an increasing rotational speed during the spin coating process. The dry separation layer thickness was varied between about 1.4 and 4.7 μm. Electrically conductive additives in a non-conductive matrix showed a steeply increasing electrical conductivity after passing the so-called percolation threshold. This was used to evaluate the agglomeration behavior in suspension and in the applied layer. Gas permeation tests were performed using a constant volume apparatus at feed pressures of 5, 10, and 15 bar. The highest calculated CO2/N2 selectivity (ideal), 21, was achieved for the CA membrane and corresponded to a CO2 permeability of 49.6 Barrer.
Verfasserangaben:Ruben Hammerstein, Tim Schubert, Gerd Braun, Tobias Wolf, Stéphan Barbe, Antje Quade, Rüdiger Foest, Dionysios S. Karousos, Evangelos P. Favvas
Titel des übergeordneten Werkes (Englisch):Membranes
Herausgeber*in:Rahul Singh
Dokumentart:Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
Datum der Veröffentlichung:13.01.2022
Datum der Freigabe:06.05.2022
GND-Schlagwort:Celluloseacetat; Gaspermeation; Polyimide; Schleuderbeschichten
Freies Schlagwort / Tag:CNT Dispersion; Cellulose Acetate; Gas Separation; Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs); Plasma Treatment; Polyimide; Rotor-Stator System (RS); Spin Coating; Supported Thin Films; Three-Roll-Mill (TRM)
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Fakultäten und Zentrale Einrichtungen:Angewandte Naturwissenschaften (F11)
Anlagen, Energie- und Maschinensysteme (F09) / Fakultät 09 / Institut Anlagen und Verfahrenstechnik
DDC-Sachgruppen:500 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik
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