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Nitrification monitoring – Determination of bacterial groups in a biocoenosis with selective inhibition and oxygen uptake rate measurements

  • In the degradation of ammonia (NH4+) to gaseous nitrogen (N2), the nitrification is one of the two reaction steps. The nitrification itself is divided in two steps and is performed by two different types of bacteria. Current literature has shown that there are types of bacteria, which have the genetic equipment to perform both steps in one bacteria. Nevertheless, in wastewater and landfill leachate treatment, ammonia-oxidizing organisms (AOO) and nitrite-oxidizing organisms (NOO) occur as a symbiosis. The intermediate of the two consecutive reaction steps (NO2-, nitrite) is toxic. For this reason, both steps are necessary for the two bacterial groups. To determine the ratio of AOO, NOO and heterotrophic bacteria (which use organic compounds as carbon and energy source) the oxygen uptake rate (OUR) with selective inhibition with N-allylthiourea (ATU) and azide is used. In the inflow of a pilot plant in one street a step by step increased amount of a process water out of a fermentation plant was added to the landfill leachate. For comparison, the other street was supplied only with landfill leachate with the same amount of nitrogen. As a result, comparable values for the different bacterial groups and reproducible results were measured and lead to a better understanding of the analysed nitrification sludge. Deeper understanding of the behavior of the different groups will result in a reduce risk of malfunctions and a more stable operation in the wastewater or landfill leachate treatment plant.

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Verfasserangaben:Christoph Steiner, Nitesh Annepogu, Lara Schluckebier, Astrid Rehorek
Titel des übergeordneten Werkes (Englisch):Book of Proceedings of STEPsCON 2018
Dokumentart:Teil eines Buches (Kapitel)
Datum des Hochladens:18.09.2019
Freies Schlagwort / Tag:Bacterial groups; Nitrification; Oxygen uptake rate; Selective inhibition
Seitenzahl:S. 59-63
Fakultäten und Zentrale Einrichtungen:Informatik und Ingenieurwissenschaften (F10)
CCS-Klassifikation:A. General Literature
DDC-Sachgruppen:500 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik
JEL-Klassifikation:Z Other Special Topics
Open Access:Open Access
Lizenz (Deutsch):License LogoCreative Commons - CC BY - Namensnennung 4.0 International